Omega Chapter

Rest In Peace

In our organization, the Omega Chapter is reserved for fallen brothers.

Juan Carlos Pérez a.k.a. Charlie (1977-2006)

Juan Carlos Perez Beta Chapter, Founding Father Juan Carlos Pérez majored in Spanish and Chicano/Latin American Studies (CLS) at California State University, Fresno. In addition, he attained a Master's Degree in Spanish Literature, also from Fresno State. In his spare time, he enjoyed cruising around town in his '90 white Ford Mustang 5.0. He is survived by his mother, two siblings, his wife, and his daughter.

Cesar Venegas (1978-2007)

Cesar Venegas Founding Chapter, Kappa Class Cesar Venegas studied Criminal Justice at San Jose State University. He is preceded in death by his parents and sister. Cesar will be sorely missed by everyone who had the priviledge of knowing him.

Mike Aguilar (1976-2009)

Mike Aguilar Alpha Chapter, Gamma Class Mike Aguilar majored in Political Science and Psychology at the University of Southern California. Mike was a strong-willed young man who, no doubt, was cut short of a very promising career.

Christian Loera a.k.a. Lil P (1984-2010)

Christian Loera Alpha Chapter, Kappa Class Christian Loera, having experienced a troubled upbringing, found acceptance and appreciation within the fraternity. He is survived by his parents and four sisters. May God keep you in His loving arms, Christian. You will never be forgotten.

Bruno Verdin (1982-2015)

Bruno Verdin Gamma Chapter, Rho Class Mechanical Engineering major of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Some of his favorite memories were from the days spent at Mater Dei. That is where he made some of his greatest lifelong friendships. Bruno's smile and laugh was so contagious it was impossible to not smile back or laugh with him! We will never forget his silliness, he was a loyal friend, and had a big heart.

Douglas Munguía (1984-2017)

Douglas Munguía Epsilon Chapter, Delta Class, Douglas Munguia was born in Guatemala on June 29th, 1984. He attended UC Irvine, where he majored in Criminology, Law, and Society. He became a brother of Sigma Delta Alpha on January 28th of 2005 as a member of Delta Class. Douglas was a very enthusiastic brother. He was always ready promote events, represent the fraternity at campus events, and represent our brotherhood through community service. He helped to repair housing for battered women, passed out toys to children in need, and was always there for a brother who needed a helping hand. He always had a smile on his face and a joke for anyone who needed to laugh at themselves. Douglas leaves behind his loving wife Magali and their two boys. Aidan who is 4 years old, and Elijah (Eli) who turns 3 this December (2017).

Jorge Anthony Estrada (1987-2017)

Jorge Estrada Alpha Chapter, Chi Class of University of Southern California. Jorge Anthony Estrada passed away unexpectedly on September 21st 2017. To loved ones he was simply known as Toti. He was a huge sports fan but mostly an loyal SC Trojans fan and you would see him and his son attend various sports events. If you were ever around him there was never a dull moment because his energy was contagious. Jorge will always be remembered as a loving father, a loyal Brother, and an overall good man.

Luis Ramirez (1987-2018)

Luis Ramirez Alpha Chapter, Eta Class of University of Southern California. Mando, as he was affectionally known to his family, was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Cudahy. He graduated from Bell High School and joined the Army shortly after the events of September 11th. As a member of the California Army National Guard, SSG Ramirez-Jimenez deployed to Iraq and helped to liberate the citizens of a war-torn nation. His Soldiers will always remember that his primary focus was their welfare and training. SSG Ramirez-Jimenez always put the needs of his Soldiers above his own. While serving Luis Ramirez applied and was accepted into the University of Southern California earning his Bachelors degree in 2016. While attending USC Luis joined Sigma Delta Alpha and went by the nickname of RJ. RJ had a special intensity and lit up every room he walked into. Carrying over his principles of Soldier care, he incorporated this into his dealings with his fraternity brothers. He mentored his younger brothers and always looked out for their well-being. He passed on his experiences and shared them willingly.

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