Programs and Services

National Board Meetings

National board meetings are specifically aimed at facilitating communication among undergraduate and alumni association chapters and serve as the supreme policy-making body of our fraternity. These meetings are held regularly throughout the year and are open to all members.

National Philanthropy

Although it may sound a bit cliché, we truly believe there is nothing more important than good health. Because of this, we have chosen men's health as our national philanthropy. Our chapters have promoted men's health in a number of ways, including setting up informational booths on campus, organizing public discussion groups, fundraising for cancer research, and working with charities that aim to raise awareness for men's health, such as Movember.

Sigma Delta Alpha Foundation

Sigma Delta Alpha Foundation was founded in 2013 by Sigma Delta Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Its mission is to promote the retention and success of all underrepresented groups at institutions of higher learning by providing academic, social, and personal support to college students, alumni networks and the communities they serve. Visit for more information.

National Scholarship Fund

Sigma Delta Alpha is currently working on establishing a national scholarship fund to assist minority undergraduate students. The scholarship will be awarded to those who demonstrate a record of academic achievement and extracurricular involvement. See scholarships for more information.

National Empowerment Conference

This conference aims to provide each chapter with the necessary tools to be successful, to promote cohesion among our chapters, and to facilitate networking opportunities for our members and potential new members alike. The topics covered include risk management, leadership and teamwork development, effective recruitment and pledging techniques, résumé writing tips, and job interview skills.

Sigma Retreats

These annual nature retreats, far removed from the stress of everyday life, are meant to strengthen bonds between brothers. Common activities include camping and rock climbing. Visit our photo gallery for sigma retreat photos.


Sigmalympics was created as a way to encourage competition between chapters and promote a healthy lifestyle. Each year, active chapters battle it out for the title of Sigmalympics champions. The sports played vary, but soccer and football are always a must. The event takes place at the defending champion's college campus, and a trophy (and bragging rights) are awarded to the winner. Visit our photo gallery for Sigmalympics photos.

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